Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tim & Ahmee

Dear Family & Friends,

After moving to West Virginia in December of 2007, we have started a new life in a very beautiful and unique area of the United States.  We have enjoyed our time here immensely, and would like to share some photos and thoughts about our new home in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  We hope that you can get an image of what our new home is like, and we hope too that this site enables us to share with you the growth and development of our two boys, Dylan & Jack.



frannie said...

These pictures make my heart melt and face smile. Your kids are growing up so fast and I can see they are joyful, sweet and playful boys! You capture great memories with your camera. Thank you for taking the time to create this blog. Now we can feel closer to you guys and see your family grow. Much Love, Drew & Sarah

Sara Fernandez said...

What perfect timing! I was about to call or write to check in on you all. Everyone looks hale and hearty. What beautiful countryside with those dense copse (learned that word at Gettysburg!). How exciting for you to immerse yourself in such historic country - it will take you years to experience it all. Perhaps we might be able to visit next spring - hoping to make it back east for Sharon's graduation. Much love to the family, Sara & Mike

tomolynn said...

Hi Tim-san and Hiromi-san,
How nice I can meet you here and share your precious time!
I'm so glad to feel you closer.
I promise I visit you two and
your lovely boys in the near future!

Hana said...


alex said...

Timmer, Ahmee, D&J:
Great pictures! Thanks for giving us a snapshot of your new home. Hopefully we can come see it someday. I enjoyed hearing Dad's stories of their trip back East. I sounds and looks like a wonderful place. Take care! Alex, Marlo, Jesse, Grace, Levi, and ?

The Lees said...

Beautiful children, happy healthy family:-) Thanks for sharing!